Recognition of the regulations

By registering for the Stuttgart IPA March participants accept the following regulations.

Registration and payment

Please use the form you will find on our website to get registered. When you are registering a group, please insert the group’s name into the pertinent box. Please transfer the participation fee to the account listed in the registration form.

It is possible to switch participants. The amount paid will then be considered as paid for the new participant(s) who will have to advise the organizers at the information stand of the change in a timely manner prior to the start.

Late registrations can be made at the information stand on the day before the march or even on the day of the march itself for an additional fee of 5.00 Euro per participant (Friday 1600-2000hrs; Saturday starting at 0700hrs until the march begins). In this case, the starting fee will have to be paid in cash (Euro) at the information stand.

Once the number of participants fixed by the organizers is exceeded, no more registrations will be accepted and the registration portal will be closed.


Uniformed service personnel, i.e. members of the police, justice, customs, the military (to include reservists), the Federal Office for Goods Transports, rescue services (fire departments, German Red Cross, Johanniter Unfallhilfe, Arbeiter Samariter Bund, Malteser Hilfsdienst, Technisches Hilfswerk), may participate in their uniforms.

The choice of the uniform is up to the deploying agencies. Operations or field uniforms are suitable, as well as weather-proof daily uniforms and the service’s physical fitness uniform with a pertinent rain protection. Uniformed groups will wear the same type of uniform. Suitable shoes (hiking shoes or sports shoes) may be worn along with the uniform.

Participants are not allowed to carry any weapons. There is no weight limit for backpacks. In case you have to request your deploying agency’s permission to wear a uniform we will be happy to help you with your request. Participants in civilian clothing are requested to wear the appropriate hiking outfit and footwear. We recommend that you bring along clothing items that are rain-proof.


In case of a successful participation every participant will receive a certificate and a medal. In case of a secound participation every participant will receive a pin for the medal. Uniformed participants will receive an additional pin; groups with at least six participants will receive an additional pennant per group.

Control cards

Group leaders and individual participants will receive the control cards for the march at the information stand.

Participants will have to carry their cards with them and produce them at the checkpoints without specifically being asked to do so.

Accident prevention

All participants will comply with the regulations of the German Road Traffic Code. We have provided for a sufficient number of breaks; this march is NOT a race and anybody completing the course will qualify for a reward. For all walking distances the march will finish at 1600hrs.

It is not permitted to interrupt or cut the march short by using public transportation or other vehicles. Dogs will have to be on a leash during the march. Driving and parking along the routes is permitted to authorized personnel only. Along the routes there will be catering areas, rest areas and medical service areas. Found items can be turned in to the information stand at the start/finish. The march will take place regardless of the weather conditions. Please make sure to bring sun/rain protection with you.

Disclaimer / Non-liability clause

The organizer, the Stuttgart IPA branch, will not be liable in case of accidents, larcenies or other damages. By registering participants accept the Stuttgart IPA branch’s non-liability.

Privacy regulations

By registering participants consent to the registration of their personal information in a computer file. They also consent to the use of photographs and films made prior to, during and after the event for the purpose of the IPA’s public relations. No personal information will be used in this connection.